The main activity of the company is international freight transportation by own transport:
- From Italy, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway to Lithuania, Russia, Belarus;
- From Lithuania to Russia, Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Norway;
- From Russia to Lithuania.

We transport different – complex, partial, expensive loads.
We transport goods of various purposes: food, hygiene products, not dangerous chemical products, furniture, wood, metal products, electronics, difficult industrial equipment and lots of other goods, products and materials.

We offer service of freight costs calculation for your preferred routes.

Every day we provide information about goods transportation and exactly location. Any time we are ready to answer all your questions about Your cargo transportation. We very responsibly take care about your goods transportation from departing place till final delivery place.

In all logistical chain it is very important transportation, warehouse and customs services.
So UAB „M Transportas“ can offer not only transportation services but offers customs and warehouse services in Lithuania, Vilnius too.  This way we can offer all the logistical chain from goods departing, document preparation till delivery at place.
If You are interese in customs, warehouse services please contact us by phone: +37068691010.